AURELIS vs therapy



  1. In no way is AURELIS a kind of medicine, since very strictly: 1) no diagnosis is to be made by an AURELIS-coach, and 2) no material kind of cure is to be applied or prescribed by an AURELIS-coach. In both instances of course: unless (s)he has the legal and deontological authority to do so.
  2. AURELIS-coaches have the responsibility to use AURELIS within their coaching OR their psychotherapy strictly within the boundaries of the applicable, legal and deontological norms of their country/region.
  3. If and only if clinical psychologists use AURELIS in their psychotherapy, then it is a part of their psychotherapy. Otherwise, AURELIS is never to be regarded or promoted as a kind of ‘psychotherapy.’
  4. If AURELIS is used within psychotherapy, then this use as well as the outcome is at the sole responsibility of the psychotherapist.
  5. The ‘auto’ in AU-RELIS is to be taken very seriously, as is amply explained in the AURELIS-syllabus. In no way whatsoever may any ‘AURELIS-technique’ be seen as to-be-applied by a coach to a coachee. From the AURELIS standpoint, the only instrument is the coach him/herself.
  6. AURELIS is only to be used as a tool to help others by those who at the same time:
  • have the legal and deontological authority to do so
  • and have followed an AURELIS course
  • and are recognized by the AURELIS Coaching Institute – being listed as such on the AURELIS website.